Best Winter Recipe - Dirty Rice

When a cold front hits Texas, our go to meal is dirty rice! This class is super simple. The first time my mother-in-law made it for me it became a favorite. You can make it your  own however you'd like, whether that's extra seasonings, wild game or extra veggies! 
2 bags of white rice 
1 bell pepper 
Half an onion
1 pound of ground beef or venison 
1 pound of ground sausage 
Your favorite seasonings


A neighbor gave us ground sausage from a pig he harvested and it was phenomenal! This recipe is perfect when you have an overflow of ground sausage, but aren't in the mood for biscuits and sausage. 
The first step chopping your bell pepper and onion, then add it to brown with your sausage and hamburger! Make sure to mix well while it's cooking. 
Cook your rice while your meat is browning to save a little time! 
While your meat browns add your favorite seasonings. Around here that's salt, pepper, and Tony Chachere's! Sometimes we add cayenne pepper or red pepper for an extra lil spice. 
Final step is to mix together your rice and meat! Let it sit a few minutes on the hot stove. This gives the rice a chance to absorb the flavors (aka the grease). 

Serve as is, top with cheese and salsa, pair with chips/crackers, or fill up a tortilla! This meal is a staple in our household and hope it becomes one in yours! 

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